Specializing in Stained & Beveled Glass Restoration, Conservation, and Custom Design


Restoration & Conservation

Berkeley Ferryboad Stained Glass Restoration

Quality stained glass windows should last for many generations with proper care, maintenance, conservation and restoration. ADE has the technical and practical experience to ensure the longevity of your assets. 

Condition Reports

ADE provides a careful examination and evaluation of the age and condition of your stained and leaded glass windows, along with our professional conservation and restoration recommendations.

Custom Design & Fabrication

New stained and leaded glass windows should not only be beautifully designed and ascetically pleasing, but also architecturally sound and structurally stable. ADE uses only the highest quality materials and fabrication techniques.

Protective Glazing

Glazing refers to adding a protective layer of glass or plastic to one or both sides of the stained glass. Careful consideration must be given to many variables before choosing to glaze your windows and what method and materials are to be utilized.

Doors, Cabinets & Skylights

Add beauty and value to your home or business with custom stained, leaded, and beveled glass designs for your entry way, cabinets, and skylights. Stained glass windows offer privacy without compromising light, and adds beauty to any room.


ADE has been providing stained and leaded glass restoration and fabrication for nearly forty years. I am happy to provide references from churches, commercial, and residential job sites. Here's one from Loma Vista Memorial Park.

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